Mini Tuff

Mini Tuff – 8’ x 12’

Perfect for the family that is limited by space this 96 square foot Mini Greenhouse will fit in any yard. Ideal size to help any gardener extend the growing season by a few months, hold plants over through the winter, or even grow those garden fresh vegetables year round. At 7.5 feet at the peek there is plenty of room in your mini greenhouse to maneuver and utilize the space to the fullest. If you have any additional space the Mini can be upgraded to 8’ x 18’.

• 96 Sq. Ft. Growing space
• 7’6’’ Tall
• 16’’ Louvered vent
• Multi speed louvered
ventilation fan
• 4 – 1 1/4” Square tube
galvanized steel bows
• 3 Aluminum Purlins
• 2 Aluminum diagonal braces
• 32” x 84” Door with window
• 10 Steel Anchor posts
• All end framing (Coated 2×4)
• All baseboards (Coated 2×4)
• Top cover, 2 Layers inflated
commercial grade U.V. treated
6mil. Poly Plastic with 4 year
• Inflator fan & bracket
• End covering- 10mil, nylon
reinforced poly plastic
• Poly lock wiggle wire system
attaches covering to greenhouse.
• All screws, nuts and bolts
• Color step by step construction

Mini TUFF – $1,890.00

Available options:

•Automation – Motorized vent opener,
pre-wired thermostat controls vent and fan
•Automation – Solar vent opener
•Choose clear or white (45% shade)
poly plastic included in kit.
•Shade cloth, seasonal top cover.
Tan (70%)
•Add additional 4’ (8’ x 16’)

Pictures may not depict current model • Prices subject to change

Greenhouses are designed to be built directly on level ground, with water and electrical power nearby.